Time is travelling, mate; it isn’t just ticking, it’s moving really quickly–hurtling around corners, steam-rolling our already full days, and filling us with that gentle dread that gradually creeps up when you start to realise that very soon, all of these wonderful people you see everyday who make you smile (everyone in my class and my teacher, Lydia), who make you die with laughter (Celine, Jorge, Jeremy and, oh my god, Gabo), who are considerate and kind (José, Claudia, Aubrey and Yu-Xin)– won’t be around anymore, and there ain’t anything you can do about it.

It’s sad and inevitable, and we deal with it as best as we can by declaring, at any given moment: “I can’t believe we only have four days left!!”, swiftly followed by the world’s biggest five year old’s sad face.

Our end of term test is also coming up tomorrow,  and we’re all learning as much as we can for it. We deal with the looming and necessary prospect of hanging out in the library by staring at maps of Germany, or strolling obnoxiously through the nearby university, pretending to be students, and getting into character amongst a cluster of depressed sculptures (refer to pic, above).

These times– I’m feeling achingly nostalgic already.

Word of the day: “langsam bitte!”, meaning “slower please!”, because I want time to slow down.