So, wrongly or rightly, Margie has stuck it out in the legal industry purely for the money.

Kidding. She likes it, but what really gets her excited is writing and helping people.


Margie copywrites for businesses and is a skilled plain English editor.

Often, business owners don’t have the time to write website content or rustle up interesting material for their newsletters and blogs.  Margie can help you create compelling and engaging content which will free you up to develop your business and ideas. 

Separately, in the legal roles she has held, Margie has also trained staff on how to write clearly, simply and concisely.  Dense documents full of meandering, clunky sentences can be transformed into clean and informative pieces.

Please contact Margie at if you would like to learn more.

Margie is a Life Coach.

She guides people through the blocks that are stopping them from feeling happy in relationships, work, finances, health and life.

Margie is empathetic, sensitive and highly skilled in helping people to clarify their goals, understand their negative patterns and step into the life they deserve.


To speak to Margie about whether Life Coaching is for you, click here to set up a time to chat.