Off the back of yesterday’s easygoing effort, today we decided to watch a French movie dubbed in German called “L’Auberge Espagnole”.

Celine borrowed it from the Mediathek, and we decided that the TV Raum (a non-descript room with a TV against the wall, a couple of chairs, and a ping pong table smack bang in the centre) would suffice.

We got there, and the TV was completely kaputt, with a sign stuck on it announcing its unfit-for- purpose state: but never fear, Gabo the Great is here!! He swooped in with his laptop and its 13 inch screen, and the eight of us formed a sweet semi-circle of chairs and watched it from afar; those of us with less than perfect vision (ie me) straining neck, eyes and shoulders at times, to read the German subtitles. It was a hilarious movie. Totally recommend.

Afterwards, I nurtured my Nutella addiction (which has just gotten out of control since I got here), and polished off a packet of Tuc at 10:30 pm– yep, all of it. Celine would shake her head morosely if she knew, but in my defence, I was hungry.

Word of the day: lustig, meaning “funny”, because L’Auberge Espagnole was a super funny movie, and the way we watched the movie and made movie night happen against all broken TV odds, was even funnier.