Today, my “Sydney: the tourist’s perspective” series continued, and I surfed Sydney Harbour on a ferry before disembarking at Cockatoo Island.

There, I stumbled upon Mr Sausage– a food van selling all things currywurst, bratwurst and sauerkraut–and happily got talking to the delightful Theresa, who’s from Berlin: “Will you be my tandem partner??” I yelped within seconds of making her acquaintance.

Theresa grinned broadly, made me a egg, sauerkraut and tomato sauce hot dog (I’m pretty vegetarian and she only had sausage on the menu, so she improvised and produced a tasty alternative), and declared: “Yeah sure, you can practice your German and I can practice my English!!”


I was stoked, and we took a picture, telling the world to “Peace out and practice your languages!”