Happy new year, everybody! Or as I like to spell: “Happy NOW YEAHHHH EVERYBODY!”

Right about now is a wonderful time to not only celebrate new beginnings, but to also congratulate ourselves on dividing, conquering and frankly, learning and doing our best with what we knew way back in 2016.

It’s also a perfect time to step into the sunshine and just close your eyes: “Yay for me”, you’ll whisper, maybe a little tentatively; maybe with the big, bellowing gusto of a two year old toddler (like the one I played with yesterday)– because whatever you did, however you said it, the spark of brilliance you added to the world– it was all you. There is only one you. There will only ever be one YOU.

And that’s a pretty wonderful way to acknowledge your deserving place on this planet.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, you psychedelic souls xxx