This past week has been such a sweet, gentle time of stepping back over the last seven and a half years. It’s my last day at my wonderful job, and it’s perfect that this tea bag came up today.

With all the people who’ve wandered through, stayed forever, made me laugh, taught me skills, shared life, baked beautiful goodies, encouraged me, distributed hugs and changed my world—it’s all been a gorgeous montage of memories weaved in with kindness, compassion and caring.

As I came into work each day, people were so kind: “Who’s gonna send us our hot tips now??” they asked, 5 year old sad face emanating from my face to theirs and then back again.

Internally, I was touched because while I love to write them, it makes my heart burst to know that it puts people in a great mood and sets them off to a solid start. And so, as the week went on, a seed was planted and I contacted my mate Evan.

For those of you who don’t know Evan, he’s a website designer, producer and logo creator. He’s pretty extraordinary. We talked about creating a website last Monday. And guess what? He worked like a Trojan, slammed out incredible ideas and produced me a wonderful, amazing, captures-everything-about-me website:

I’m so grateful for his talent and for making it so breezy and easy—everyone who needs a website, get in touch with Evan, he’ll blow it out of the ball park!! I really hope you dip into my site when you need some perspective and a bit of peace-out time— I made it so that you can all continue to get the tips and also take a trip down Hot Tips Memory Lane. Sign up for the newsletter too—then my hot tips will land in your inbox (and while I haven’t actually mastered the program to create the newsletters yet, it’ll happen soon!!)

Have a wonderful Friday, you fireworks of colour xxx