Today I caught up with Viv. We went to high school together, had Ms Vickers for English in year 12, hung out in vaguely overlapping social circles (Hi Di!), said a quick and happy “howdy!” at Aditi’s 21st T themed party in 2006 (I was a tennis coach and Viv was a tai-kwon-do coach), ran into each other at the court registry in 2008 when we were tryhard grads, and then stalked each other on Facebook– until now.

Viv is an expert litigator who shines as a yoga instructor on the side, while I love anything to do with energy and spirituality. We reconnected, murmured something about dates and times, and just like that, voilà: a dinner catch up filled with synchronicity and happily aligned wavelengths was had.

The waiter then proceeded to take a really professionally overexposed picture of us with both of our noses goneskies (even masterful Instagram can’t recreate noses!) and we giggled all the way to the station before running into poster-girl Ozzie in top form. It was awesome, we just wanted to give her a hug–you were there in spirit, Ozzie!!!