Ziggy the Zebra. His soft velvety nose and mouth comprise 80% of his total miniature stuffed zebra body weight, and this means that without something (eg pebbles or a textbook) to ground his bum, he pitches forward with his hind legs high up in the air, and performs a perfect nosestand. He hails from Barcelona and belongs to our Zambian glamazon, Mwela- and even though most of us are gonna be 30  pretty soon,  we all cooed over Ziggy with wild maternal abandon. For a few minutes, we all laughed and busied ourselves, trying to wedge Ziggy in the “jungle” (read: the potplants) or the library (read: a messy bookshelf), and at least for a little while, we pretended we were kids again. The nostalgia-to be kids again.