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Margie’s hot tips

Sometime in March 2016,  Margie had Leaky Gut and she was trying to conquer it with a ten million pronged approach which her integrative doctor devised. She had to do lots of stool samples, pee tests, blood tests and diet alterations, and she’s not gonna lie: it was a pretty involved process.

But the positive out of all of it besides feeling like a new woman is that he referred her to

It’s like a super cool grocery shop for healthy stuff, but it’s online and you can get good quality vitamins and food for when your guts are in ribbons and you just want to help yourself. That’s when Margie discovered Yogi Teas. They’re a beautiful blend of fragrant and uplifting teas which embrace you with an inspiring little message every time you rip one open.

For a while, Margie would just rip them open, and keep the message to herself. You know, she’s pretty spiritual and into energies and she figured no one else would really want to hear about these resonating messages that made her day that much better.

But then one day, she came across one that was relevant to her line of work (dispute resolution)—and you know, as you do—in a moment of: “This is very relevant procrastination”, she forwarded it onto everyone at work and shrugged. Just putting it out there into the Email Galaxy.

Anyway, it suffices to say that all the women raved and all the men straightened their shirts and pretended not to mind too much.

Two days later, Margie announced to everyone at work that she was going to translate the teabags because a bit of lovin’ is a nice way to begin each morning. And so it began.

Here you’ll find all of her tea bag stories, officially coined: “Margie’s hot tips”.